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Lakis Jordanopoulos meets Loukia Agapiou

It is not the first time the founder and bandleader of "Lakis & Achwach" Lakis Jordanopoulos from Greece meets the singer Loukia Agapiou from Cyprus on stage. The two had already in the beginning of the 90s a musical interlude, which can also be heard on the CD "XENOS" which was recorded in Greece. For this cooperation Lakis also wrote the songs "Intermezzo Levantino" and "El Fajum." Then their ways leaded in different directions. But even then Jordanopoulos knew that this circumstance could be only temporary. Some years (and CDs) later, he invited her again and they sang together the song: "ISOs" for the CD "Pirates". Meanwhile Loukia Agapiou recorded her first CD "The transparent soul".
And now: In his new program with the title: "Stars of the South" Lakis Jordanopoulos invites Loukia Agapiou, the great guitar-player Antonis Vounelakos from Greece and the musical emphasis on the bass, Herwig Thoeny from Lichtenstein, an east-mediterranean evening with "fine sounds".
... No more and no less!