20 years Lakis & Achwach

New CD: "Piratés"

"This is no life for landlubbers like you, who have searched and found more on mainland as at sea", answered the old man, as I asked him to tell me a story from the time he was a "piratis" - a pirate.

Then he became silent and stared at the picture on the wall of the taverna. His eyes became smaller, just like he wanted to recognise something. A detail, invisible for anybody else: a three-master, fighting in a storm against the nature. He took his glass full with raki and strucked it softly on the table. He said: "To you guys, who're drinking seawater now. I'll be with you soon." and poured out the raki in his throat.

I don't know if it was the liquor or the intolerable silence of the bar, only a dripping watertap in the kitchen tried to break. Suddenly his tongue solved and he began to sing: "Pinun nero pun almiro, nero ap tin Mesojio" - They drink water, that tastes salty - water from the mediterrian sea. He smiled, just liked he found in the picture the thing he looked for. "At least I see you again, bastard. Did you really think you can escape from me?" "To whom you are talking", I asked him without expecting an answer. "Me ton Charo" - with the death, he said and talked on just like I wasn't there. "With the one and only master of the oceans. Yesterday, today and in all eternity. Then he talked about the mermaid, who loved him more than any other person on the world and about the enslaved egypt queen, he paid four fortunes at the Al-Chalili-market for, to get her free, only for one kiss….